it just popped in there

The keeper of Libra is a goddess type alien known as Astrea, a galactic nucleus of light and dark. She has been lulled to sleep by the three unrepentant Q’ons (mischievous lifeforms). Scorpii (the ringleader)convinced the other two, Genubi and Krab to remain weaker than him for a while, storing their energy as small moons that formed more and more in orbit around Astrea, and they eventually stifled her long enough for her to fall asleep. The original intent was to suffocate her and kill her, but they failed. If they had killed her, the resulting rift would have consumed a mega-tera-parsec of the galactic region, annihilating approximately a novemdecillion to the quadrillionth power carbon, silicon, nitro-chiralitic amino, and organoarsenic lifeforms.

Possibly plot somewhere in there?

I’m thinking of calling it
“Leprachauns, leprachauns, leprachauns!”

It’ll all make (some) sense laters.



  1. Where do you get this stuff?

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