untitled tangents

it’s been a little while, but IDRZ still happen – I think the ol’ “Been Busy” post is probably the most common blog post on the Internets – here’s a more recent set of notes from circa end o’ 2007

lonely guy and family guy are same guy (sameguy!) lonely guy is family guy up until, because of cowardice or pride, missed his “chance”

family guy is lonely guy who took the chance, has same house, but also wife, different job and three yr old daughter (ish?)

starts with lonely guy leaving work, calling friends to go out / hang out, (three guys) one has other stuff to do, another has friends, another is answering machine
lonely guy (LG) from here on, goes to supermarket, buys unhealthy food, bachelory stuff, while in line notices a little toddler boy making some “amazing” statement to his dad and his dad just shrugging it in a condescending type “uh-HUH!” way
lg walks out of the supermarket and “another Saturday night” by sam cook plays in a sublte enough way that it doesn’t sound completely contrived, if that is possible …
goes home, eats something, smokes something, plays around on the pc, plays around on the guitar, falls asleep watching rio bravo, wakes up hours later when the dial tone sounds happen at the end of a vhs tape, sits up, rubs his face, bathroom, has another smoke, pours out the last of his beer on an old potted aloe vera, goes to bedroom, takes off shirt, looks at self in the bedroom mirror for a beat, goes to bed drunk, dirty and alone at about 4:00am (with his shoes on)
family guy (fg), thinner and generally tidier than lg, wakes up from same bed in same house has better haircut, shaves in front of a mirror, looks at self for a beat, and walks out of the bathroom, to a louder house, a little girl is heard (3ish) telling mommy that she doesn’t really like these shoes, she likes her jellies the ones that Mema gived her, her mother corrects her “Gave you, honey.“
fg walks in, putting laptop case over shoulder, “gave you honey? Yummers!”
“Morneen daddy.”
“G’morning sunshine.” kisses her, then raspberry’s her cheek, she giggles

“Morning daddy,” says his wife
“G’morning sunshine, ” in a slightly more eros-esque tone
gives her a kiss and a raspberry also
“hey i’m sunshine!”
“Oh that’s right, my mistake- momma’s moonshine.”
“Nuh, uh!”- more of the really cute giggling that only a three / four year old girl can do
Picks her up and carries her to the car with her lunch pail in the other hand and mom in front, mom gets into the driver side, fg puts little daughter into the back car seat and kisses her again, sets her lunch pail in the passenger side and kisses mom again on the cheek he shuts the car door and steps away as she backs out of the drive way, fg runs up to the car and grabs his set of keys out of the passenger side door before they drive away, he jingles them and smiles at them as the leave, little daughter waving
lg stands for a beat and his smile, for the briefest of instances, fades, just a hint
he then gets into his car and backs out and drives away, off to work and the music begins José González – Heartbeats

blank screen and :
title caption, whatever that’s going to be

we see LG driving, it’s a cold morning, but the warming early sun is there, it kisses everything with it’s new orange light, brown and yellow leaves billow behind the car as he drives, we know his thoughts
in a super magic fast forward we see all the choices and turns and tangents that he took / made to get him to this point – he goes out one night with his friends, they drink and joke and play a golf arcade game at the bar, he meets a beautiful girl, they get together and start going out, they have a fight, she leaves he chases her, he gets her back, they get married, they make love, they go on a trip, they take photos of each other in botanical gardens and at street vendors, etc. , he goes to work, she goes to work and school, the see each other every night, they watch television and movies as they eat, they have a Christmas together, they get a puppy, they have to get rid of the puppy because their landlord wont allow it, she cries and he consoles her, they go out, they sleep together, he goes to work, she is sick, he takes care of her, she is pregnant, he chokes on his wine when she tells him, he cries and she hugs him, etc etc etc etc… up to the point of a fast forward version of that morning and then blank screen to next scene

random quotes (for convo. laeters i n storyline) –
“i look at girls completely differently than i did before i got married, i used to see things i wanted, now they’re just things i can’t have“

at one pt. the lg sneaks into fg’s reality and remembers how much he liked the girl who became fg’s wife, the first time she gets him to touch her, she asks him to pop her back, in a comedic way he bearhugs her and smells her hair / neck at the same time – she reacts, as she should, with puzzlement, “what’re you doing?that tickles!”
“Oh,” he says, “your … hair…smelled like … strawberries, … whatever you put in it … it’s good.”

* there is a mathematical / scientific set of equations for explaining why lg never became fg ( and also maybe why fg is gradually less and less content? / excited?)

* it all points to the tangent point, our existence is a series of sines, cosines and tangents in the physical human word we call them choices

eventually, the fg sees how incredibly lonely lg’s life is and how much he loves his family and would nevert trade anything for it, and will never again take it so much for granted, now that he has this newer perspective – this is understood and not crammed down the reader / viewer’s throat with dialogue, etc. if they can’t figure out where the story goes, then they shouldn’t hear the story…or I shouldn’t tell it- blerg

the aloe vera that is old and ugly and weak and sickly looking in LG’s reality is big and healthy and green in FG’s, but this is not a point that is made, it’s just a background detail- (we’re not six year olds here)

lg realizes that, yes, he missed that chance, but he has many others, but he must choose them, he must pursue them, and one day, yes, he will catch them, but probably not today -and thus ends our story with a bitter-sweet note

at one point one of the main characters is watching a documentary about sea life, something from the seventies or eighties, somebody who wanted very desperately to be jaques cousteau, bad synthesizer music etc. – we learn about a sea cucumber, about how it uses its brain just long enough to find a place to cement itself onto a sturdy rock and then it eats its brain cuz it no longer needs it, then it just breathes and eats – whichever person that’s watching it realizes aloud, “I’m a sea cucumber.”

the mystical / scifi element in this story is almost just simply accepted in a mcguffinish way

gas is $8.58 / gal, so we know this takes place some time in the future, not too distant – this and other details like it are very subtle and very background

“I was at church a few weeks ago and they did this play about relationships, and one part of it was about this guy who was friends with another guy, they were in a life group together, like weekly prayer and worship meetings, anyway, the one guy was talking to the other and he was talking to him about being accountable for his actions, that this other guy was going to adult book stores and he’d started going out to bars again, hanging out with a bad crowd, smoking, i think, i dunno, anyway- the point was, like, i don’t know, don’t come on too strong, love gently, love strongly, but all i could think about was that i kinda envied that guy, the other guy, the one who fell off the wagon- i mean, i was never addicted to anything, maybe smokes, a little, but there was just something about living irresponsibly, something- … i dunno, it kind of scared me tho, y’ know? there’s absolutely nothing attractive about that, nothing healthy or good or hopeful, but still, somewhere in there, somewhere inside … i envied that other guy’s horrible life.”


“church huh?”

“yeah, we started going to church again.”


“seems like it must’ve had something to offer“


“You know how strange this is? Talking like this? … to myself …”



  1. Hey I like it. This is a good one. -JWKraft

  2. mindrot

    didnt really understand this.

    no aliens, lasors, or explosions

    maybe try to incorporate those

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