My father is considering a weblog / podcast type thing called – Essentially it would be a series of tools for today’s (anyday‘s) Christian* in evangelism** and apologetics*** and also perhaps a resource for people who are looking for answers in any way they can get them.****

Here are some questions, it would be good to address. These are based on conversations with people I know.

  • I am an optimist, it is hard for me to believe some of the stuff out there, but when I look out in the night sky and see all the stars and vastness of space, I can’t deny that there’s something out there that had a hand in creation.
  • I don’t think that it’s just about Jesus or it’s just about Buddha or whatever, I think the real key is love. God is pure love. That’s the meaning of our existence.
  • There is no truth out there. The Egyptians wrote history the way they wanted it to be perceived. You can’t believe anything. What makes the Bible any different?

* as in, one who strives to be like Christ, not a hateful, judgmental, legalistic, prideful, know-it-all

** as in, actually drawing people to God as opposed to force or shame

*** faith and understanding go hand in hand, Christianity isn’t intellectual suicide (there really is proof. for all of it)

**** as opposed to people looking to scoff or argue

If I answer these questions, or attempt to, am I going to be doing it for the right reason? I remember getting into a lot of heated discussions with friends / acquaintances over religious/ political stuff. It used to be not because I was experiencing something great and amazing and I wanted that person to know it, it was because I believed a certain way and, dammit, you’re wrong. Plain and simple. Human pride is always the wrong reason to fight for a good pure thing.

Actually, I take that back. I don’t know that. I know that in my opinion, that has always been the case from my perception.

I’ll end this with a quote from someone else – which I though was originally from somewhere in The Dark Tower series, but it turns out it was actually Tarantino –

The less one makes declarative statements the less apt he is to look a fool in retrospect.”

– j


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