My father is considering a weblog / podcast type thing called – Essentially it would be a series of tools for today’s (anyday‘s) Christian* in evangelism** and apologetics*** and also perhaps a resource for people who are looking for answers in any way they can get them.****

Here are some questions, it would be good to address. These are based on conversations with people I know.

  • I am an optimist, it is hard for me to believe some of the stuff out there, but when I look out in the night sky and see all the stars and vastness of space, I can’t deny that there’s something out there that had a hand in creation.
  • I don’t think that it’s just about Jesus or it’s just about Buddha or whatever, I think the real key is love. God is pure love. That’s the meaning of our existence.
  • There is no truth out there. The Egyptians wrote history the way they wanted it to be perceived. You can’t believe anything. What makes the Bible any different?

* as in, one who strives to be like Christ, not a hateful, judgmental, legalistic, prideful, know-it-all

** as in, actually drawing people to God as opposed to force or shame

*** faith and understanding go hand in hand, Christianity isn’t intellectual suicide (there really is proof. for all of it)

**** as opposed to people looking to scoff or argue

If I answer these questions, or attempt to, am I going to be doing it for the right reason? I remember getting into a lot of heated discussions with friends / acquaintances over religious/ political stuff. It used to be not because I was experiencing something great and amazing and I wanted that person to know it, it was because I believed a certain way and, dammit, you’re wrong. Plain and simple. Human pride is always the wrong reason to fight for a good pure thing.

Actually, I take that back. I don’t know that. I know that in my opinion, that has always been the case from my perception.

I’ll end this with a quote from someone else – which I though was originally from somewhere in The Dark Tower series, but it turns out it was actually Tarantino –

The less one makes declarative statements the less apt he is to look a fool in retrospect.”

– j


it’s been a little while, but IDRZ still happen – I think the ol’ “Been Busy” post is probably the most common blog post on the Internets – here’s a more recent set of notes from circa end o’ 2007

lonely guy and family guy are same guy (sameguy!) lonely guy is family guy up until, because of cowardice or pride, missed his “chance”

family guy is lonely guy who took the chance, has same house, but also wife, different job and three yr old daughter (ish?)

starts with lonely guy leaving work, calling friends to go out / hang out, (three guys) one has other stuff to do, another has friends, another is answering machine
lonely guy (LG) from here on, goes to supermarket, buys unhealthy food, bachelory stuff, while in line notices a little toddler boy making some “amazing” statement to his dad and his dad just shrugging it in a condescending type “uh-HUH!” way
lg walks out of the supermarket and “another Saturday night” by sam cook plays in a sublte enough way that it doesn’t sound completely contrived, if that is possible …
goes home, eats something, smokes something, plays around on the pc, plays around on the guitar, falls asleep watching rio bravo, wakes up hours later when the dial tone sounds happen at the end of a vhs tape, sits up, rubs his face, bathroom, has another smoke, pours out the last of his beer on an old potted aloe vera, goes to bedroom, takes off shirt, looks at self in the bedroom mirror for a beat, goes to bed drunk, dirty and alone at about 4:00am (with his shoes on)
family guy (fg), thinner and generally tidier than lg, wakes up from same bed in same house has better haircut, shaves in front of a mirror, looks at self for a beat, and walks out of the bathroom, to a louder house, a little girl is heard (3ish) telling mommy that she doesn’t really like these shoes, she likes her jellies the ones that Mema gived her, her mother corrects her “Gave you, honey.“
fg walks in, putting laptop case over shoulder, “gave you honey? Yummers!”
“Morneen daddy.” Continue Reading »

The keeper of Libra is a goddess type alien known as Astrea, a galactic nucleus of light and dark. She has been lulled to sleep by the three unrepentant Q’ons (mischievous lifeforms). Scorpii (the ringleader)convinced the other two, Genubi and Krab to remain weaker than him for a while, storing their energy as small moons that formed more and more in orbit around Astrea, and they eventually stifled her long enough for her to fall asleep. The original intent was to suffocate her and kill her, but they failed. If they had killed her, the resulting rift would have consumed a mega-tera-parsec of the galactic region, annihilating approximately a novemdecillion to the quadrillionth power carbon, silicon, nitro-chiralitic amino, and organoarsenic lifeforms.

Possibly plot somewhere in there?

I’m thinking of calling it
“Leprachauns, leprachauns, leprachauns!”

It’ll all make (some) sense laters.


I need to stop view certain things as opportunities and more as distractions.
Oblivion, I’m looking at you.
I dunno, maybe it’s bad shcoolin’…<sic>
Vodpod videos no longer available.

-more laters, promise

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I just re-discovered a new favorite thing.


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